IMG_0413CC Agility

The aim of the club is to provide a friendly environment where you and your dog can weekly train Agility. Dogs and handlers of all ages are welcome although we have some restrictions for giant breeds (Great Danes) due to the size of the standard equipment. There are classes for complete beginners, for people that just like the training night out with their dogs amongst their friends ( both 2 legged and 4 legged) and for people who want to or are competing. The emphasis and intensity of teaching is adjusted for each class or even each individual, we realise that not everyone has the ambition to end up as the future world champ, but at the same time also realise that goals and ambitions can change and hence teach from beginner class onwards to a competition standard. We encourage competing but fully realise this is not for everyone.

Our aim is to keep classes as much as possible together from beginner level onwards. You train on the same day at the same time as long as the class is big enough. This has resulted in many new friendships.

We like to pride ourselves on the high standard of equipment, modern rubber contacts are used throughout, all equipment is of competition standard. training equipment is constantly updated.

Our instructors have an extensive experience both in Agility as well as a thorough understanding of dog behaviour, breed specifics for the most common breed and crosses. All our agility instructors compete actively at grade 5 or above. Training methods are updated when possible and trainers are attending workshops and seminars by world class handlers and instructors.

All methods are based on positive reinforcement.

We organise club competitions, work shops, guest instructors. People are encouraged to take part in these but none are mandatory.