One Choice

After Spud I wanted to try a border collie as the working side of this breed had always appealed to me. Knowing the father of Gus (Angus is his full name) I had the last pick of the litter, luckily this was the dog that appealed most to me and after 7 weeks waiting I could take hime home. Gus promptly stole everyone’s heart including Pudding and Spud’s. He has been and is my “happy dog”, always pleased to work, always happy to meet other dogs wagging his tail.

At 2 years of age,  after his 1st competition he had a horrible car accident and I nearly lost him. His leg was badly fractured and both his lungs were collapsed. After 5 months of operations. And many many thousands of pounds in bills we had to come to the conclusion to amputate his hind leg. During these months Gus stayed my happy dog, still friendly to dogs, still wagging his tail despite his pain,  even during a period with an external brace and being caged. After the last operation the adaptation to 3 legs was done within days and Gus is able to do agility to such an extend that many people fail to notice he’s missing a leg. Full height jumps are a work in progress as well as weaves but he has shown on several occasions these can be done. His left and right turns are different, Gus easily does an a frame, dog walk and seesaw .

Missing a big part of his early training he’s not as far progressed as others but he’s never stopped enjoying agility and is motivated for training.

At the time I started being more interested in jumping styles and techniques, the impact and consequences for the dogs. Training Gus to go round on 3 legs gives me a better insight in how dogs jump and turn and I incorporate that in my teaching.