Pudding is famous: Mr. Pudding Esq.

Sadly Pudding is no longer with us after nearly 14 years of age his body gave up, he’s missed every day.

Not only has he got a London street named after him but he is also very wellpudding lane known around the agility circuit. Pudding has changed my life completely without him there would be no CC Agility and I’d still be stuck in an office somewhere.

Pudding is the happy result of an accident between a Giant Schnauzer and a Doberman and was brought to Battersea Dogs Home in great Windsor as a puppy at Christmas 2001, hence the name Pudding.

At about 10 weeks old he came to my house and we started training. I very quickly got interested in Positive reinforcement training and started studying the new training methods. After a year or two Obedience training and some Workshops in working trials I discovered Agility and fell in love with the sport.

Pudding got a 5th place at his 1st show and won out of Beginners and Starters (Grade 1 and 2 now) on his 5th show. Having had several top 10 places in Novice Agility Pudding started in Grade 4 when the new KC grade system came in place, quickly we moved to Grade 5 and have been very successful there with many top 10 places and a 2nd place in Agility, almost promoting to grade 6. We have won several ABC agility competitions over the years and qualified and competed 3 times at the semi finals. Twice this resulted in being invited for Olympia, apart from the FCI World Championships the ultimate goal of every competitor in the UK. Being twice the size and twice as heavy as a “normal” agility dogs his achievements and results made him well known around the rings. I have retired him at the end of 2012 as he was struggling to maintain speed through tunnels and he’s now demo dog at events.

daan-puds-crop-1daniel-and-puds-at-olympia-small olympia-20090004_edited-1-small agility-results_1489 pudding abc