Mr. Spud Esq.

Spud is the happy accident between a German shepherd and a Collie, the careless owner of his parents paid no attention to his mom’s first season and sent her to Sussex collie rescue with an excuse. The mom was re-homed as a farm dog working sheep where Spud was born and spent his puppy days.

Born in 2005, Spud is still actively competing and worked his way up to grade 5. Although not as consistent as Pudding he has achieved: top 3 places in Grade 5 agility and jumping against dogs 10-12 kg lighter. Spud requires a very different handling technique from Pudding which gave me better insight in training different dogs. Spud jumps and turns very efficient which makes him competitive against lighter faster dogs.

Writing this he is over 8 years old and has lost a bit of his speed, I still enjoy training and competing Spud especially over challenging courses. He’s also an excellent demo dog in classes and as he loves people will work for everyone as long as you have a toy for him at the end.

Spud has some fame as well, featuring on The One Show in a photography item where he was used as an actor for the item, swimming and shaking his wet coat.

As off 2015 Spud is retired from competing in Agility,
spud ag 8_edited-3 puds and spud_0126 Newlands-2013 IMG_0806