Beginner Class

These are classes for dogs that have never done Agility. All equipment will be on the lowest height or flat on the floor to begin with. These classes are suitable for dogs from 7-8 months old and onwards. You’ll learn jumps,  turns, tunnels, tyre, contact equipment (A-frame, Dogwalk, Seesaw) and weave entries.  Short sequences are part of the class. This is a 10 week course

Beginner + Class

In these classes the dogs have done most of the equipment and the A- frame and dog walk are off the ground. The aim is get the dog walk and A frame up to full height and the jumps will gradually go up to the correct height for your dog. Most exercises are done independently. Aim is to go to full height contact equipment, be able to do longer sequences which involve turns and hand changes. Weaves are taught with 2×2 and channel weave method with homework


These dogs have done all the equipment at the correct height, we’ll practise speeding up your dog, proofing of  contacts, more, different weave entries and  basic course handling and walking.

Novice Fit and Fun agility

These classes are run for dogs that are able to do all equipment at the correct height.. but are not necessary competing. As the name indicates these are fun classes which you and your dog enjoy.

Competition classes

Only open to people and dogs that are competing or on special invite. The emphasis of the class is to improve your handling and move you through the grades of agility.

Private lessons

These are available throughout the week and weekend, please contact Daniel for booking.

Workshops and guest instructors

From time to time we organise specialised workshops with emphasis on a particular aspect of agility. These are run in 2-3 hour sessions and in small groups. Several times per year we ask top handlers to run workshops at our club. Please check the event pages