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Autumn and Winter Terms

Hereby the term times for this Autumn and Winter please note our preference method of payment is by bank transfer. Please note that for a number of people I haven’t notified of their start dates which are now well in the past. My apologies. Daniel

We will be closed over Christmas and New Year 22/12 to 5/1 this has been taken into account when calculating the new term start dates

DayTimeStart this termCancellationsStart next term
Monday10:30 - 11:3002/09/1921/10 14/1002/12/19
Monday18:00 -19:00
21/10/1928/10 xmas27/01/20
Monday19:00 - 20:0021/10/1928/10 xmas27/01/20
Monday20:00 - 21:0004/11/19-class no longer running
Tuesday18:00 - 19:0001/10/1926/11 xmas 10/1204/02/20
Tuesday19:00 - 20:0005/11/1926/11 xmas 10/1211/02/20
Wednesday10:30 - 11:3016/10/19- xmas08/01/20
Wednesday11:30 - 12:3002/10/11-11/12/19
Thursday10:30 - 11:3012/09/1924/1028/11/19
Thursday11:30 - 12:3024/10/1924/10class no longer running

The table below gives the overview for the term length until our new system of term times comes into effect 16/03/2020

DayTimeStart termcancellationsend termweeks till 16/03 START
Monday10:30 - 11:3002/12/19xmas17/02/203 weeks to 16/3
Monday18:00 -19:00
27/01/2009/03/207 week term
Monday19:00 - 20:0027/01/2009/03/207 week term
Tuesday18:00 - 19:0004/02/2016/03/206 week term
Tuesday19:00 - 20:0011/02/2016/03/205 week term
Wednesday10:30 - 11:3008/01/2011/03/200 weeks
Wednesday11:30 - 12:3011/12/19xmas26/02/202 week term
Thursday10:30 - 11:3028/11/1912/12/19 xmas20/02/20
3 week term

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