Autumn term Start dates and other news

I am pleased to announce that with help from a number of people over the last 2 weekends the Sand school is much improved and can be used again. There is still some work to be done but most of the weeds are cleared, a new fence is in place and further improvements are in the pipeline as well.




The course fee, when paid this year is still £ 55, after 3 years of managing to keep the fee at this level I need to increase it slightly to £ 60 for 2017 onwards due to increased costs. Please pay in December so you’re still benefitting from the lower fee, I have also reduced the maximum number of dogs per class for all classes, save beginner classes in order to allocate enough time per dog.

Finally due to Christmas being in the weekend I thought most of you would appreciate having time to get ready for christmas and recover after the New Year so we’ll be closed from December 19 to January 6th.

Please find your new term start dates below, updated to October 30th. Any further unforeseen  cancellations will be added.

DayTimeStart Current termCancelled classesStart New Term
Monday10:30 - 11:3012/09/1621/11/16
Monday19:00 - 20:0012/09/1621/11/1228/11/16
Monday20:00 - 21:0024/10/1621/11/12 xmas30/01/17
Tuesday09:30 - 10:3020/09/1625/10 18/106/12/16
Tuesday10:30 - 11:3027/09/1625/1020/12/16
Tuesday18:00 - 19:0023/08/16
Tuesday19:00 - 20:0004/10/1625/1020/12/16
Wednesday09:30 - 10:3017/08/1612/1002/11/16
Wednesday10:30 - 11:3005/10/1612/10, 09/11 xmas18/01/17
Wednesday19:00 - 20:0005/10/1614/12/16
Wednesday20:00 - 21:0005/10/1614/12/16
Thursday18:00 - 19:0030/09/1627/10 17/1122/12/16
Thursday19:00 - 20:0030/09/1627/10 17/1122/12/16
Thursday20:00 - 21:0002/09/1627/10 17/11
Updated to 17/11/16