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Extra Classes planned for this Weekend


It is very likely I will be able to use another bit of field next to the houses. I need to cut the grass, fence this off and ask the neighbours if they don’t mind if we use this occasionally. As I do not have lights I have planned to do extra classes this weekend during daytime from 10:30 to 13:30 and 14:00 to 16:00. Of course weather permitting.

Please note that the New classes Monday 6pm and Tuesday 11:30 are not part of this. Also Melissa’s Thursday 7pm and 8pm class will be done seperately from other classes due to the level ¬†of these classes.

I have planned the following (for your level of class please see the timetable here):

TimeSunday 17/11
12:00Novice and Above
13:00Beginner+ to novice

Obviously we don’t want too many people at the same time nor run a class with only 1 or 2 dogs likewise we would like to have a class at a suitable level for you. Could you please let us know which time(s) you would prefer?




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