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Important information regarding the restart of our classes

Dear All,

We all here at CC Agility hope you have managed to stay healthy and continue to stay healthy during these difficult and testing times. I personally have managed well here in Holland but the restrictions here were less severe and the impact of Covid19 isn’t as severe as in the UK.


With the new relaxed restrictions in effect we have decided to restart our training as per June 8th. In order to comply with the latest safety guidelines and applying common sense we ask you to keep to the following rules:



  1. All government issues guidelines must be followed. Not only for your own safety but also for other and our instructors..

  2. We cannot have more that 5 pupils in a class where that’s an issue the class will be split into 2 groups each with half an hour inst4ruction. Your instructor will discuss that directly with you .

  3. Before entering the class please sanitise your hands. Bring your own that is safest. There should be some in class as well
  5. Equipment is only to be touched by our instructors and will de disinfected after each class.

  6. Do not touch other dogs than your own, although dogs cannot catch the virus, their fur might be able to transmit it from 1 person to another.

  7. We cannot allow other people than the handlers in the class due to having restrictions on the number of people so please wait in your car or well outside the training area so you are not part of the “group”

  8. Any early arrivals must remain in the car or walk their dog on lead on the track leading to the horses. Please clean up and keep your distance of each other.

  9. We will allow for a 5 minute change over time between classes in order to minimise contact and give the instructor the opportunity to disinfect the equipment. Please keep in mind the previous and next class when returning or arriving, as much as you need to catch up with your friends, other people want to go home or start their training.


I do apologise for any inconvenience and for the fact that most of these measures go against what the club tries to stand for but I’d prefer that everyone stays healthy. Additional as your dog has had a 2 ½   month break from agility I would suggest to easy them back in with short sequences and lower heights than normal. We also had to leave the field to its own devices and are in the process of getting it back to standard . It will be rolled again as soon as the mower is fixed and the ground has somewhat softened up.


As for the term I had planned to start a new fixed term  for everyone on the 16th of March, in order to synchronise all classes and make it clearer when terms start and end. This should now come into effect on June 8th.



We will have 8 week terms starting next week


Term 1 June 8th to July 27th

Term 2 August 3rd to  Sept 21st

Term 3 Sept 28th to Nov 16th

Term 4 Nov 21 to December 14th (only half a term.).


The course fee will be £ 56 for 8 weeks.. Any cancelled classes will be deducted from next term’s fees.


From the terms up to March 16 I have the following


Monday 10:00                                   2 weeks course fee due £13

Monday 18:00                                   0 weeks fee due

Monday 19:00                                   0 weeks fee due

Tuesday 18:00                                  0 weeks fee due

Tuesday 19:00                                  0 weeks fee due

Wednesday  09:30                           4 weeks left from previous term
next term 4week £28 on July 8th

Wednesday 10:30                            0 weeks fee due

Wednesday 11:30                            3 weeks fee due £21.50

Thursday 10:30                                3 weeks fee due £21.50


The previous term fees are on top of the new term fees .



I hope this all makes sense, please contact me if there are any questions.


All the best and stay safe.



CC Agility

Daniel Slinkert and instructors


Payment details:

Bank transfer is preferable,

– bank transfer, daniel slinkert, sort code 09-01-27,  account 80218676, please state dog ‘s name and class day and time

– cheque made out to Daniel Slinkert, (please write your name, dog’s name and class time on the back) sent to CC Agility, p/a Honeysuckle House, Grayswood, Haslemere GU27 2DT,


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