Fun For dogs!

Join us for dog agility and puppy classes for all ages and levels.

NEW important UPDATE

As there seem to be issues with the sms/txt service we give (my Apple phone seems to to always add the UK country code) I would advise everyone to check either Twitter, FB (new closed group) or the website ( hit the refresh button each time you check)

Our new closed FB group is to be found here… Updates / cancellations will be posted there as of next week. You can also let your instructor know if you can’t make it to your class.

The club I’m training at here has a nice service in case someone cancels you can take over their hour provided it’s of the right level for you and your dog. I would like to run a trial of this as well until the end of the year. Be advised this is ONLY for club members, not for friends and family that are not a member.

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