If you have missed a class for a genuine reason, we offer an alternative class in the same term on another day/time as service, provided you have paid for the current term. These extra classes are grace classes and subject to availability of alternative classes and approval.

Due to the weather conditions we’re a bit behind with classes. Please find a schedule of alternative extra classes below any option not mentioned please contact Daniel first.

Before participating in an extra class please  contact Daniel. This is to prevent an influx of people in one particular class pushing the numbers over the class limit.

These classes are in addition to the extra classes we are running, feel free to choose whichever is most convenient.

When booking please use only existing class times

Regular DayRegular TimeAlternative Day option1Alternative Time option 2 Alternative Time option 3 Alternative Time option 4
Monday18:00 - 19:00Thursday 7pmTuesday 11:30 am
Monday19:00 - 20:00Monday 20:00Tuesday 7pmWednesday 7pmTuesday 6pm
Monday20:00 - 21:00Monday 19:00Tuesday 7pmWednesday 7pmTuesday 6pm
Tuesday10:30 - 11:30Wednesday 10:30amTuesday 6pmWednesday 7pm
Tuesday11:30 - 12:30Monday 6pmThursday 7pm
Tuesday18:00 - 19:00Tuesday 7pmMonday 7pmWednesday 7pm
Tuesday19:00 - 20:00Monday 8pmMonday 7pmWednesday 7pm
Wednesday09:30 - 10:30Tuesday 7 pmMonday 7 pm 8 pmTuesday 10:30am
Wednesday10:30 - 11:30Tuesday 10:30Wednesday 8 pm
Wednesday19:00 - 20:00Monday 7pmTuesday 7pm
Wednesday20:00 - 21:00Wednesday 10:30Tuesday 10:30
Thursday18:00 - 19:00Monday 6pm
Thursday19:00 - 20:00Thursday 8pmMonday 6pm
Thursday20:00 - 21:00Thursday 7pmMonday 6pm

Overview of  cancelled Classes

Class name and timeCancelled
Date 2Date 3Date 4Date 5
Monday 6 pmon schedule
Monday 7pmOct 21Oct 28Nov 4
Monday 8 pmon schedule
Tuesday 10:30 amOct 15Oct 22
Tuesday 11:30on schedule
Tuesday 6pmOct 15Oct 22Oct 29Nov 5Jan 29
Tuesday 7pmOct 15Oct 22Oct 29Nov 5Jan 29
Tuesday 8pmSept 17Oct 15Oct 22Oct 29
Wednesday 10:30Oct 16Oct 23Nov 20
Wednesday 6 pmSept 11Oct 16Oct 23
Wednesday 7 pmOct 16Oct 23Oct 30Nov 6Dec17
Wednesday 8 pmOct 16Oct 23Oct 30Nov 6Dec17
Thursday 6 pmTerm has been extendedDec 18Jan 16
Thursday 7pmTerm has been extendedDec 18
Thursday 8 pmTerm has been extendedDec 18
Jan 16